A sanctuary of peace and beauty

Established in 1872 the Harlan Cemetery is a tranquil, meticulously maintained, 28-acre cemetery located on the northern edge of Harlan, Iowa.

Extending from 12th Street along Cyclone Avenue our grounds are a pleasant combination of lawns and drives, forest trees, evergreens and shrubs. There are rolling hills and open places with peaceful vistas of the surrounding city. The Harlan Cemetery’s expansive grounds make it the largest green space in the city of Harlan.

We take special care to be certain that families’ needs, desires, and religious traditions are met. We are committed to providing a place where the ritual of caring for your loved one. Our compassionate, knowledgeable Association board is  available for assistance.

Picturesque and serene, the cemetery is ideally suited as a resting place as well as a place to seek inspiration, take a walk and quietly reflect. We encourage you to discover our rich history and spend time visiting the beautiful grounds of the Harlan Cemetery.

For your convenience, we have created a database of burial records. By clicking on the tab at your right, you can search our records to find the location of your loved one. Our goal is to continue to work to collect and celebrate the history of Harlan by collecting the history of the lives that once lived here.

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